Please reinstate post-war level ups

It just makes sense to have a level up event immediately following wars, given the volume of trainers and toons received and the amount of food that is stockpiling–unable to hide away in training grounds because roster is 100 toons over the limit and training needs to be collected.
On top of that overflow, we now have SR which is gonna dump even more food/toons/trainers into our laps.
Level up tournament after level up tournament is monotonous, but if ever we really need a lvl up, it is immediately after wars when everyone is accustomed to stockpiling and sending out ygl scavenger missions–not 5 days later.
Thank you.


I was tired of constant level up…and don’t want them back. You probably don’t need the characters for 2 weeks, when war comes back.


Gfy :slight_smile: Train legendary trainers then pull them during lvl up event to stockpile citizens/food. Learn how to play the game effectively instead of crying for events that are awful.


I did say that level up after level up was monotonous, i get that. But I cant just get all of these toons and food and have no where to use them. So a lvl up tournament immediately after war would be good. Even if it’s just a 24 hr one. I dont want to be bombarded with lvl ups, but a 24hr one rn would be nice.

yeah, no thanks


Umm…didnt I already say that I cant use training grounds anymore as mine need to be collected already, but can’t as my roster is 100 toons over its limit?

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You’re doing it wrong


No ones fault but your own then. If you always had a legendary training thing going you’d never have this problem.

Who said I was blaming anyone? It just makes sense to have a lvl up event after receiving a large influx of characters and trainers, period, point-blank.

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Level ups suck so just make them run 24/7 like you want and give out some crap rewards at the end of the week. Then run the decent events during the week on top of this. Problem solved everyone is happy and we can all stop asking for less or more of this hated “event”. Bonus you can also hawk your trainer “deals” 24/7 as well for the suckers…er players.


Hmm…true. But how tf else am I supposed to find out if I got enough supply points for Tyreese yet? :joy:

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Who the fuck ask for level ups? The person that started this thread must me trying to get everyone to quit. If you want to level toons just level your dumb ass toons, scopely keep your level ups to yourself


No…Everything was civil on this thread, but some ppl see the title and can’t friggin read the rest of the post. A level up event following wars is all I asked for to help clear out overflowing roster, training grounds, and houses that are common in wars. However, @IronandWine’s suggestion of just letting a single level up tournament run 24/7, while other events are running, too, makes more sense instead of running 3 of the cursed things a week.
Right after a war is not a good time for scopely to say, “Surprise! No level up til Friday! Hope you don’t accidentally click that ygl where you have 2 lvl 1, t4 6 stars that you would dearly like to have for SR and raid event.”

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You know you can click on a training ground that isn’t in use, then hit next, and it’ll let you add more toons to the other training ground, right? Just don’t let the timer run out.


Umm…^. Training timed out while I was sleeping. Couldn’t just collect it as roster was over-filled…? Now stuck trying to clear roster by getting a few 5* to higher tier and ready for Friday’s level up. But, yes, i did realize that. Thank you.

Gotcha, that’s why I try to get it up to a few days. I think it’s at 10 now

10days is fine keep stacking…


Line me…

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Level your crap whenever you want. Don’t ask scopely to punish all the players Bcuz you play the game dumb and made all your training ground stop. And why did you open the war crates if you weren’t planning to use them?

Poor OP lol.

Ironically, SR is an excellent offset for the lack of toons/food/survivors you collect when the gear maps are on.

24 hour level ups with 2 million point milestones? Just say no!

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