Please regulate region transfers



Make these whales move into a big spender only region so they can stop being scared of each other and stop picking on and bullying the f2p it’s a lot of money in it for you scopely as they will coin and can each other to death just think about it every war would buy a employee a Maserati every hour dude plus I won’t have to hear it’s no competition from these whale people even tho in reality they are playing hide and seek from each other take this to the team :slight_smile: @JB.Scopely


Not a bad idea in theory. But the only way to convert f2p players into spenders is for all players to play each other.

Sure, a spenders only region would create nice revenue, but their aim would be to convert f2p players into whales. There would be less chance of that happening if f2p players just played against each other.

There would be no opportunity for f2p players to be exposed to the latest and greatest or be driven to pull promos, level up quicker and spend to hit those dizzy whale heights.


Actually you are incorrect sir if all the f2p were in the same region and had a equal chance at top prizes it would encourage spending from at least 75% of f2p perfect example most casual or f2p players won’t use they’re league coins against a whale faction cause the whale faction will coin them to death easy, and besides a f2p player that drops let say 100 bucks will be in top 3 quite easily I know several f2p that would take up that offer further increasing revenue for scopely


Mmm there may be no right or wrong here and before we go around in circles, let’s agree to disagree :relaxed:


It’s just a discussion dude I think this idea I came up with would make scopely even more money so I hope they’re reading


you put all the whales in one region and more than half of them would quit


Lmao probably they can’t handle each other no wonder 90% of them play keep away with each other like a bunch of kids then bully the other kids that can’t defend themselves or fight back


Here’s the problem, the majority of players were excited to see the availability of transfers, it was the opportunity to get out if dead regions. The down size was the ability to move a few times a month, causing busy regions to become dead in a day. I think a great solution would be to lock regions once the leagues start and then open them back up once the season is over. It gives at least a few months in a region. It becomes a good medium, if your unhappy in your region for whatever reason, you will be able to leave once the league season is over. At the end of the season their would be a full week (7days) in which you can transfer out and into one other region but that’s it, then your in that region for the full season. It will give the region some stability, rather than going to sleep one random night and waking up to a dead region, or waking up to a region with 5 super factions. I personally am not part of one but have no problems with them either. Both f2p and p2p play a big role in the success of the game, so both are needed. Piling them all into one region to compete against each other is unfair. Each region having one or two is perfect. Everyone deserves the same privileges and rights to play this game.


This feature has been a huge bust, and shockingly it’s not Scopely’s fault…


It’s about getting people in their similar weight class or league in rts some whales play this game like the kid that set ants on fire with a magnifying glass on a sunny day and that’s not fair either

Edit: this is a serious thread that should be taken into consideration @JB.Scopely


Do you really think whales want to play together all the time? You already have whales running from each other, this would just lead alot of them to quit and a bunch of lost revenue for scopely… whales do not want to play against each other 100% of the time


With exception to @Bane and crew of course


I think there is another issue that should be acknowledged and addressed. I have seen some players transfer to a new region/faction and then a week later they decide to pick up and leave. Honestly, it takes a bit of time for a player to get integrated in a faction/region and the way transfers are set up, it makes it really difficult to build any sort of relationship. It also allows players to join a faction, not work hard or care about the faction as a whole, reap the rewards and leave. The system is like having sports free agency everyday. I personally think that there should be a reasonable cool off period before someone can transfer out. Maybe 30 days? I don’t know. It also allows players to transfer, collect rewards from dead regions, then join strong factions and then find another home. Has anyone considered this on the team @JB.Scopely?


They considered this and realized it would cut down on people buying new keys every 10 days so nope not gonna happen


Or if your region gets invaded by whales… you can move regions. Can’t have the best of both worlds. Whale factions are looking for the most active f2p regions. There are plenty of low pop regions that f2p factions can go to.


Having trouble trying to form a sense of community and bond among a group of ego driven spenders who’d sell out anybody to get ahead? Trying really hard to feel sorry for ya there.


Which will eventually have whale factions enter once word of mouth gets around and we are back again at square 1…


yeah it is a catch-22. Not sure if there is a better way but wanted to at least raise the issue.


Like I said in the other thread. Dash and company tried to warn us all of why this wouldn’t work but we were just too damn stubborn to listen.


not all of us are ego driven spenders. Some of us are F2P and work hard. Others spend casually. I know your faction (Kingdom) has a mix of players as well. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for anyone. I’m trying to share my perspective with the RTS community.