Please Recover My Account!

Does scopely have any other way other than giving them the purchase receipt of our purchase in the game to recover our account? I lost my account and they are asking the purchase receipt which I don’t have because I haven’t bought anything in the game. please help me scopely please I know my account code will help you get my account back. Please scopely please give my account back I know all the details.

This is now your 3rd thread about it…

You are not new to the game neither to the forum, you should know that no one can help you here to get your account back. ONLY the customer support, and if you can not provide the required verifications then there is nothing you can do.

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i cant just sit here and wait for an repl which takes so much time

If it’s linked to Facebook, then you should be able to get your game back. Other than that if you haven’t made a purchase in the game, their not going to help more likely. It’s been said multiple times here in forum’s.

You are goin to have to wait they said customer service was goin to be affected with the COVID 19 issues and they also don’t work on weekends. You will need to have patience

As a man that has lost many accounts…by accidents (sorry T) and bans(fυκ you Henry region) id say just move on or if it was linked by facebook just sing in…

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