Please Recover My Account

Please does anybody know how to rover my account without any purchase receipt giving to them? Cause I haven’t spend any money and then I dint know how to do free membership thing so I don’t have that receipt I m saying this to them( Support ). Please give any other way scopely think about Free to play players. I told them to check the location where the game was played and check my current location. I’m pretty sure that no one around me plays this game except me. they aren’t listening to me please give my account back. Scopely please I’m begging you please I want that account back. I don’t care about my league right know I just care about my account pleas give it back. its the second day I can’t be like this anymore. please scopely give it back.

No receipt or player code, no recover

i have the player code. i remember my player code

Then tell support we can’t so anything

i told them they also want any of the purchase receipt. and i dont have one. this directly means that only p2p players will get help from support

You need a receipt to recover your account. If you don’t have any - they can’t “verify your ownership”. Which is kinda bullshit because in my case I sent them everything and those tools said it’s not enough.

You can blame them wanting a purchase receipt on people selling their accounts

Do support need purchase receipt to recover any account

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