Please reconsider milestones especially when linked to exclusive collections


I totally appreciate why level ups are so frequent with the number of toons people have to level up but the milestones have become rediculous. I realise other threads have been created about how high milestones have become but please don’t merge this thread as I actually want to raise a seperate point altogether.
Please don’t put museum collection items that are critical to complete a collection as milestones in level up tournaments. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Level up tournaments have become so unpredictable recently as they are so regular that preparation makes little difference.
  2. As a result a lot of how successful you are during level up relies on so many other factors like whether you get the “you got lucky” mission and how frequently.
  3. In addition, the level of your toons and gear you possess also plays a huge role.

For example, during the recent AK 47 event I failed to meet the initial 250k milestone during a level up which left me 75 foregrips short. Word on the forum was that a roadmap would be available that would give us access to the parts we needed. The difference between a roadmap and a levelup is that a roadmap simply relies on activity. Complete the roadmap, spend the time and energy and receive the reward. The level up left it impossible for me to reach the 250k milestone and not for want of trying.
Firstly, my only 6* toon was only 10 levels away from being maxed at t2 which did not give me many points. I was 1 pair of night vision goggles away from being able to t3 him and get the required points so had to look to 5* toons. I had a couple at t3 but didnt have the gear again to t4 them (just short 1 or 2 items) to get the points necessary.
I tried farming putting in at least 150 energy per day over the 3 days but with only lower tier 5* toons to level up I ended up with 240k points, 10k short. what made this even harder was that it was a faction event so hitting bonuses only contributed to faction rather than personal totals.
Now I’m not tooth spittingly angry about this situation but just wish to say in future please dont follow this reward system. Some will achieve it easily while many will be barred unfairly due to factors outside of their control, regardless of effort. Please ensure that future collection do not rely on the unreliable system of milestone rewards during level up tournaments.
On another note, when rewards are given for level up tournaments greater consistency needs to be applied to level ups to ensure a level playing field for all players. You got lucky plays too big a role. Sometimes I can get it 3 times during a level up and get 210k effort free points and other times not at all. Please put this to the developers :slight_smile: