Please put a 3yr tokens offer


Please scopely put a offer to make another pull im just 10 tokens away

It hurts more to see it happen
10 pull no longer has 5 3yr tokens, replaced with legendary medals with no notice
Lucky tokens/ 3yr anniversary tokens
Postpone 3yr wheel end time & add offers

Just do 2 10 pulls…oh wait :joy:


Same here…


Have you got your war prizes?


There shall be 5 x year token in premier pull. I just return to collect my war rewards and will pull 10 to have a 100 year tokens. Why Scopely removes them before it expires?

I just purchased a few year tokens !




For real


Do a ten pull


lmao i need it too


They removed the token from premier pulls.


And I really hoped that we get a last Chance to get tokens in raids like last year.


I’m 10 short. Need the bag offer again


Their player first mentality said f*ck yo pull


After spending 1950 coins on those 3 bags and not getting 1 single 3 year token to not even getting the offer unlocked … but seeing it unlocked in other regions … scopely you will be doing a huge disservice to all of your customers who fought in the cross region war …

after all of this and onslaught i am at a crossroads with this game, its becoming more frustrating than real life and i am considering leaving the game altogether. its more negativity thats not needed in real life


we want bread and games, give us the offer! :moneybag:


I’m also at 90/100
Why it gotta be an offer?
They could’ve done a 3Y throwback roadmap with tokens. Bringing old nemesis back like Jeremiah, Lilly, Barker, Gov & so on.
The description of their tokens (in my language) always says ‘‘available in current/future events’’ so why only WAR & offers? Offers ARE NOT EVENTS. smfh


How is there no offer after a war that gives out tokens? This will be worst than the lucky token fiasco. @JB.Scopely


it basically turned that CRW we just had into gear and depot points war …


Me too , 95…