Please provide an answer on region merging

Scopely can you please give us some kind of response regarding region merging or player migration?
The is the top of all players priority lists and swarms of people are leaving the game due to this. Regions are dying and you are doing nothing to stop it!

All other games have this feature, surely there is something you can do.

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Even a simple yes or no would suffice





Region merging would most definitely bring some excitement and mix things up for awhile. Makes sense as it would cost very little but could stimulate a lot of new action.

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There you go.

They’ve literally done nothing.

Still ‘discussing’ /delaying

Standard stall and hope you keep spending tactic.

Would you tell 400 players all asking for mergers that it’s not happening? No because you want their money not there final exit from the game.


It really needs to happen…

You’re right on target, Gov.

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No I wouldn’t. Because that’s not true. We are still looking into it.

There are a lot of downsides to different approaches for players and we don’t want to cause more harm than good so – still need to find the correct way to handle the best we can.


Harm? You have some regions with under 90 players? Explain the down side. Theres the mid range that yes could be debated but you have a number of extreme cases that is a obvious slam dunk.

@ScreamQueen wanna weigh in

There are many downsides. Have you heard about Dade?

How would you feel if you were the top Faction for years, there was a merge, and now you’re #6?

How about if you came in to an old region, as a new player, that was very advanced and you were stomped continuously because everyone else has a very advanced roster that has been years in the making?

These are not good experiences and even if one person were to feel that is so – that does not mean that everyone else would agree.

We are looking into different options.

There are other completely valid reasons brought up by others within the community that suggest mergers would be a negative experience as well.

I don’t know if there will be an answer 100% but it is still something we are looking into still because we understand the frustrations.

That is all I know and will say on the matter – will keep you updated as I can!


We warned you all of that happening. Go back to the announcement of it. I clearly said it was a terrible idea for that reason.

Now imagine you played a game for 2.5 years and want to continue doing so. But you can barely play because there are no players around with enough interest to fill a queue and actually war at a regular frequency. Is that fair for the players? What about when you see new events like crw and want to compete but can’t possibly form a competitive team because all the competitive players left out of frustration.

There is a balance to everything. But the one truth in any game design is setting consistent expectations so when the game region hits a trigger point it is understood by the player base and the developer acts upon it as such.

Some will always choose to walk away. They already are today in the regions that are forgot by the developers. Hiding behind a negative consequence to take no action is not a solution. It’s just makes more of us want to quit.


I do totally understand Wanderer – I know we all do – that’s why it’s still on the table.

Do you know of another game that went through anything similar and solved it? (Something with a very similar style of play? Because that is important in this case.)

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This has been an issue for well over a year… and there still haven’t been ANY ideas? I mean come on.


There have definitely been ideas. Dade happened while i’ve been here – they’re back at planning still. I know there are future features that will help ease the frustrations of it if merging is not an option – we’re looking into multiple options. I understand your frustrations. If there was a magic switch – i’d flip it!

We promise to keep you all posted.

I agree with this. Mergers sound like a great idea, but hey people like winning… so all the top players join the top faction/s, those left in the lower facs crack the shits and throw in the towel. All that merging for nothing as scopely end up losing more veteran players after merging regions / migrating players.

I honestly think that if there was an incentive for top players to form a faction and include weaker players to make a more balanced competition that would help war dramatically. I can understand why new people don’t bother with war - have any of you tried restarting F2P in an older region? You get curb stomped. I don’t mind losing, but getting my @ss handed to me in one turn like you are a bronze tier survival road opponent is not fun.

Another idea perhaps would be to allow lower facs to fill a war with bots or something - randomised so that you can’t just pick the best defensive team in your faction - The cannot attack but at least would allow factions that sit for hours with 7/8 slots filled to war on a more frequent basis. This probably wouldn’t be a good idea for CRW, but for the normal all out war within your own region it may help. Or maybe this idea is a load of garbage… either way - just putting my 2 cents out there.


This has been mentioned recently! Thanks for the insight Bun!


Shane, just wondering also - some of us have been talking about the possibility of a war (not crw ones) that have certain specifications/limitations for teams. We’ve tossed around some ideas like 5 stars only or some form of limitation like 100pt cost using the dog tag toon cost that, afaik, is only relevant for scavenger missions or some very rare roadmaps.

Would something like this be possible? I know there are a number of people who have invested a lot in 5 star characters and would love the opportunity to use them in a competitive environment again, as in war they are just not viable vs a 6 star.


Why not just create an empty region that anyone can migrate their main account to?

This wouldnt impact anyone who doesnt want to be impacted. Everyone is happy.


I would rather go from 1st to 10th and be assured of having to some competition than sit in a dead region after close to 3 years of blood, sweat and $$$ invested.


Yes the incentive is too high for first - i agree - encourages the formation of superteams.