Please post your Duplicated pulls here (on same pull)


A little while ago we were told that the chances of duplicated characters were toned down in the new wheels yet myself and many others just see a completely opposite picture with many getting 2-3 even more of the same character in a pull that has 3 or more tokens involved.

please post your pictures so we can show Scopely and their Devs that this has done the exact opposite, if they can flick the switch that would be great


This is just my pull from CRW, as you can 2 Red Shanes, 2 Major Gavins

I pulled the yellow governor about 10 times last week im not joking, everytime i chuck him to ascend i get him once or twice more


£20 worth of konrad tokens.


I think the lower chance of duplicates only applies to the Premier wheel & similar to the premier wheel it probably resets when the next premier turns up.

It should probably be renamed 'lower chance of receiving duplicates on one single wheel on every other Tuesday in March that falls on an even date on the full moon.



Thanks Galaxy42 … im also seeing hershel alot in the promo wheel

basically im getting a repeat of the same characters over and over again … but not on the same pull (10 or 40)


Here, from VK “pride”…




I was too disappointed to do a SS. 2 Ellen, 2 red Shane, 3 Dwight, 1 Mark. All from war rewards


Yeah I got 2 red Shanes in a row too, so disappointed, all that warring for fodder Shanes XD


2 dwight ( was happy with 1 he completed some collected) mark sawyer shane. yeah load of crap well worth me staying up till 5 am warring



But I’m still happier than with my 3years token and 7 govs😂

Why is it so hard to make it as kind of stash?


2 ascendables from war rewards. Semi happy.




I have done 2 other single pulls…first was Sandy and second was Martinez…followed up by these 3…honestly breaks my heart :frowning:



There does seem to be some kind of epidemic on this wheel not present on others


Got another 2 sawyers in another region




4 pull from halloween tokens