Please Please Please help me!


I am in Caroll region. I log in on Monday evening and my all my six stars were there and remaining all characters, buildings (i mean my town is fully destroyed, nothing is there). some of my five stars are there. but my account got hacked please help me. I can give my account id please help me. but luckily I didn’t spend any real money in this game, then also I want my account back. please help me, please try to retrieve my account. I am login through facebook account and I can give my account id if u ask me. @GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely,@Shawn.Scopely. Please Respond. I can give my account id to only scopely members .

Account stolen support can’t do anything?!?!

By the way i am an android user. I am freetoplay. Guys Please help me I like this game so much .


Your account cant get hacked unless you gave your code to someone or showed it on a screen shot. Contact support, no one here can help you. Protect your info better next time.


Literally nothing we can do here


your a free to play
they don’t care about you


Did you accidentally change regions?

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5 days ago you have created a posting with the following: “I want to start this game, will it be hard to catch up with u guys. I know everything abt this game though. I have an account with lvl 115 and some six stars. but no town I destroyed the full town. I have my town hall lvl 20.can I be in top 3 faction” Source: Is there any chance.............?

In March you wanted that Scopely deletes your account: “I want to delete this game, but I can’t. my mind every time goes over the game. I am a f2p player, doesn’t spend money on this game. I this game a lot as if I can’t say in words. but sorry to say this my studies are going to a bad position, I mean it already went. Now I am so bad at studies I don’t want this to happen. Sorry, Scopely I tried to hack this game so that I will get banned, but it didn’t work. so now I am directly writing this in Scopely forums. I want to get my account deleted. please, Scopely I can’t see this game in my play store with my good account. I am definitely sure it’s my account. And I am sure I want to get my account deleted.” Source: Can Scopely Delete an account, by the order of the user So, what it s actually true?


Lmao good find…some fishy stuff


in the first one u sent thats what i meant know my town is fully destroyed and my charstecter s some of them are there. inthe second link u sent i didnt reply to anyone in that because i thought of just keeping the game story everything good, and just be oflline and check global chat and etc . but suddenly on moday evening everything got destroyed there.


I did give a picture of my login page when onslaught update came i had a problem with content 2 error, so then i think i posted a pic in discord a picture of that problem, and also thta contains my id


Speak to support that’s the only option. No one on the forums can help you. The guys in support probably will have to try and figure things out.

If you still have access to your account there probably is nothing that support would be able to do as well.

But still the best option is to raise this with them


my game restarsts evvry time when i open , ok i will contact them thx

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