Please, Please! Listen to your players


I’m going to be as sincere and put this as elequently as possible. You folks really need to listen to the player base, if you would just unbuff the 6s to where they were the game could be amazing again. You broke the whole thing by making the new 6s so overpowering, lack of legendary medals, and a serious lack of toons you promised you’d make available still missing… there is no depth in this game anymore, it’s either Carl, Mirabelle, or Erika leads with as many 6*s as people can afford to put behind them…Who needs an ap rush when you have toons like Alpha and Tyreese who can flatten with just their base attack… I know y’all in Scopley are probably already on phase 3 of your exit plan. But I have near 30k invested in the product you giving up on, it’s not right. @kalishane pass this along please


You shouldn’t have spent so much.

Still, you can always demand a refund. I know of several people that have gotten refunds on all previous purchases. I’m going to try it myself soon.


sorry to break it to you, but they aren’t going to listen


Ewe they deleated my trend… :sweat_smile:


@kalishane- you should really listen to this guys advice. I think the team needs to hear this. Hopefully you would kindly walk it on down to their office. Players are losing any respect that they had. Keep in mind that these people have invested too much to just walk away from this game. They also don’t deserve to be treated this way. You might have to go further up the chain of command to get things accomplished. I see that a lot of people are putting all the blame on you, I don’t feel that it’s your fault, but I also know that you can do more to help turn this game around. Thanks in advance for giving us a 6 star gear map today- I have the upmost confidence that you can achieve this goal- for the respect of the players! -good game ma’am


6 posts deleted in the last few minutes. Is that what people who want to listen do? Sorry its not happening. Ship is sinking and the captain won’t admit it.


Why are threads that don’t violate the Forum policy getting deleted!?! @kalishane @Andrea_Scopely Just banning people and deleting threads aren’t helping to solve a problem. We want the game to survive, and do well, but NO ONE IS TALKING TO US AND GIVING US REASONABLE ANSWERS. This is just making matters worse, and increasing negativity and frustration. Help us instead of silencing us. People use profanity in so many posts, but they aren’t banned, yet people asking real questions and being respectful are banned or threads deleted. Why are you doing this?


@TheWalkerDude This kind of stuff is happening too. We all care about the game, try to be respectful, yet threads are getting deleted and people are banned. This is making things worse with your loyal fans. We love this game, and it’s depressing to see the kind of treatment we receive.


Looks like the only person that came to work today was @CombatDevIl@kalishane must have taken a sick day. :confused: really sad.


She’s around
just see for yourself


Whats sad is how many scopely employees have been on over the last few hours and not a response from any


smh. The CM. Lurking on forums thats just great.


Please try to keep it civil, I do have a nasty temper, and I’m more than aggravated at the way my investment and a game I love, with a community(family) that I’ve played with for almost 2 years…I’m trying my best to get through here with sincerity. I don’t think any of this is @kalishane ‘s fault but she does have the ability to prioritize things and potentially make a statement that could save this game, please @kalishane here what I’m saying…


It’s like talking to a wall. A special wall that has the ability to make things worse.

tenor (9)


You mean make things disappear right?


Looks like @Dash hasn’t been on since before Halloween. I wonder if he left the company? Major bummer.