Please, no two part wars


@JB.Scopely please, no two parts wars!

The general feedback on these forums around war scheduling was to go back to having regular war go back to starting Friday afternoon pacific time like it used to. I can’t ever recall seeing anyone suggest breaking it up into parts.

The two part CRW made it challenging for many players to hit the top milestone given that the parts are not even 24 hrs each.

At the very least, if the wars are going to be split up, then structure them like blitz wars and have 6v6 and 30 minute wars.

That said, I would rather go back to one, weekend length war that starts Friday afternoon.

  • Two part wars are fine - leave them as-is
  • Weekend length war starting on Saturday morning is better
  • Weekend length war starting Friday afternoon is better

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The Milestones where cut in half tho! twice the war, twice the rewards and milestones! this worked out better for everyone


No one cares


Yet 12 people voted within an hour. Yep, clearly nobody cares.


Yeah sure it was cut in half but going by length >
Part 1 was 19 hours long.
2nd part was 21 hours similar to Blitz times but over twice the points required for last milestone.
(last Blitz was 23 hours long)
Coupled with the start/end times irregardless of time zones, it’s worse.
You are still doing 100k for all the rewards in the end, don’t see why war weekend can’t run as it use to with these rewards factored in.


twice the points? both top milestones were 50K easily reached before it ended. We got three tournaments in one weekend AND leaderboards didnt change much between the two wars anyway


Make some good points but the milestones were worse than regular 100k. And the prizes were also worse as there were zero gps and canteens. So I think I would rather take one set or better milestones and prizes than two sets of lesser ones.


This 100%. The two wars did not result in better rewards. They were far worse than a single one. If they had given a GPS for 50k followed by a canteen for 50k in the 2nd war then the split would have been acceptable if still not pointless.

@Rl8-C4G3 They can do a solo level up while a normal two or three-day war is ongoing for all I care. No need to stop the war for it.


Twice the points compared to a Blitz war which runs similar times.
Sure good for you, war start/end times weren’t an issue for you, don’t think everyone can say the same.
We have more then another level ups as is, don’t need another one in a middle of a fucking war, or what should of been.


This wasn’t an issue for me or my faction either, two wars ment more people could participate


Good for you and your faction.
It’s not the same for everyone.


It never is good for everyone sometimes you get good timing sometimes it’s bad. Change is good and makes us see war differently. I personally hope they keep split wars with no towers, it was a fun weekend. No one is forcing you to participate


I dont care what they do. I will war. But, please. For the love of God, put a canteen and gps SOMEWHERE in rewards. Be it milestone(/s would be better), or rank rewards. Please @JB.Scopely.


No generally it has been and still is good timing for selective people (aka country wise)
To how it use to be fuck anyone outside of USA for starting times.


Well your first part killed it if they implement it, why the fuck would they give GPS/Canteen etc if players are willing to war for whatever. gg


Why can’t we have poll that says some short and some long is fine.


Gg, glass half empty.

Fyi, if everyones honest, thats their answer, too. Including you, dear friend. :man_shrugging:

PS 120>100


Er yeah no, I wouldn’t war/lv up etc for shit rewards.
Oh and now you speak for everyone? gg you really come across as trying too hard.


No need for salt, friend.

Just educated observations on my part.

Take a spa day.

PS ive seen ppl bish and moan WAY LOUDER about rewards…then put up 300k in war.



Er yeah I’m not salty…
I’m going by not every, single, player can get all needed within this event etc.
Right yeah okay some people did that but not everyone, ■■■■■■■■.