Please No Blitz on Weekends


Please only do Blitz on weekdays Please make weekend wars from Friday to Sunday again. We need weekend long wars again Please and Thank You


How about no ?


We need blitz or 2 blitz wars.Crw sucks


Nice if we had normal wars on weekends and blitz wars during the week. Makes everyone happy. Each gets what they want.


Blitz is terrible for the weekends work clawing and scratching at each other trying to get signed up


Why not?

The way wars are split into part 1 & part 2 now effectively they’re Blitz wars anyway.


I would expect lees from the region where war they used to like war no matter how long or short it was



Blitz one night through the week is fine, replace a lvl up with blitz.

Make wars all weekend long.

Stop this shit.


Tired of it. Go back to regular war or change milestones.


Me gustan las guerras de 2 partes, más premios y podemos hacer cosas distintas el sábado! Por mí y otros jugadores deben estar de acuerdo!


What a bunch of trash… you guys are so disconnected from the playervase it’s unbeliavble. Most enjoy war. Replacing crw with a blitz war is outrageous.


And looks like it’s going to be just 1 blitz!


Well, on the plus side they’re listening to us about how much we hate split wars!


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