Please more story mode next update


The next update should be more storymode i just beat it and i want more story


we are so far behind the book its sad


There’s a book???



I agree, the story was getting good too lol


Story is the most boring part of the game. The roadmaps include enough stories and dialogue that i just skip anyway. PVP is the way this game is headed


Storyline is very interesting. They need to hurry and add the next chapter. Also need to expand the developable areas of your village.


They need to add some more characters. Nothing too extreme but at least another Rick or any of the other main characters.


They don’t care about it. The fact that as an example Brock is still only a 2*, while playing a major part in the story line after Jeremiah speaks for it.


We have enough ricks for a lifetime please no more some of the old 3* should have a 5* by now makes no sense pretty lazy to keep making same toon but different versions


Exactly. But so they don’t care about the Comics either anymore. They made some Great Origin Toons in the past Davie being one of them, but Instant of using them they keep creating new ones all the time.


Like the original load screen Martinez has 1 5*, Dr Stevens 2, Darius 1, Lilly 1, gabe 0


I agree with Brock at the least he should have had a 4* by now


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