Please more player levels for more tapes and kits


Ever since they came up with player level 125 where you get 25 duct tapes and 25 polishing kits I can never farm 4 star weapons and when I do I cant get tapes or kits for weapon crafting. So was wondering if we could get more player levels so we can finally start getting more duct tapes and polishing kits pretty please


Moved topic to suggestions and feedback as that’s where it belongs. Also agree 100%, I’ve been out of tapes and kits for over a month.


They sell 2 of each for 25 bucks. The freeride is over. Bet they regret giving them out in the first place, to begin with. Does anyone honestly think they are gonna give 30 out at 130, 35 at 135, etc. ?

This is one of the few times I hope my gut is wrong. We shall see. Do not expect any type of official answer either way.


Think bigger… release 5* weapons… and let 130-200 be 5* weapon parts :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Hell no Earl can go to hell. Do not want to have to deal with his shady ass any more if I can help it. :wink:



Lul i like the guy well enough, just give him a quickie and he usually helps out your crafts lol


If they make 5 star weapons and they end up making 4 star weapons irrelevant so many people will quit the game. It would be a disaster. Making all the characters we earned or spent for worthless is one thing but if they make my weapons that took hundreds of tries to make useless I would almost certainly quit or at least never spend a cent again, not even on the pass.


Meh, 5* weapons would in theory just start with 40% bonuses, (5* leaders had 30% bonuses, 6*s have 40% for the most part). Upgrades would go up to 40% as crits, maybe a couple of new weapon skills.

Stun swords, abs def, and stun guns would not go anywhere. They’d just have room for improvement again.


Unless 5 star weapons could have 2 special stats plus 2 regular stats or stronger versions of special stats, like greater chance or guaranteed chance to stun instead of better chance as it is now.


I do when they release 5 star weapons


Actually if Earl wasn´t such a fumbling retard, if he could actually MAKE something every time and not just “try”.
…Then ya wouldn´t have to flood the regions with “optionals” that are more often than not wasted and useless.

Notice how one bad decision is followed up by another? Perhaps if greed did not dictate every new function in the twd-realm, it would be less infuriating experience.


See who needs more levels with amazing deals like these? :wink:


Doesn’t matter how many they give you, I used every single tape/kit and got nothing but absolute disappointment, How about making the non crit success not SUCK, that way I can at least find a use for it instead of wasting resources


why do they regret it? out of the 10/15/20/25 dt & pk they gave out NOT 1 turned out to be the crit weapon i needed. So this just gets people thinking they NEED more of the tapes etc


They regret it for obvious reasons. Most of my region is windowless at the top, including myself, so not everyone’s luck was as bad as yours. Every one of these players has been a loss of a potential sale. See the deal posted above.

That’s some really bad luck. Still, dosent change the fact that the free ride is over and that now you’ve burnt through your supplies so you have four choices.

1, Pay up and buy a deal.
2, Wait for SR daily or the roadmap
3, Try your luck with no dt’s and pk’s.
4. Don’t craft

If your gonna go with #3 I suggest you do it with the crit and regular success spots.
Good luck and keep surviving!

Forgot about these so you can add two more to the list. To be honest, if I got more than one or two dk’s from breaking down 4 start weapons. Then again I’ts not like I have a plethora of them to break down.


i only started back up crafting last week, had gone probably 6 weeks without using my armoury. thats how bad the “luck” is lol


Nitpicking but there is also the option to use assault markers for tapes/kits or getting lucky by breaking weapons


Well, I hope things work out better for you this time. Switch it up. If a weapon keeps failing to get what you’re looking for try another one or another trait. No scientific proof here but this has worked for me quite a bit. Then after some success go back the weapon or trait that was giving you no joy.


thanks man, after about 3-5 attempts i get rid or keep the weapon, i assume the coding on that piece will always fail