Please make this the norm, even tho it's a bug

Just figured this out tonight because I was absent mindedly opening up rewards and opened 5 food bags before I noticed what happened. Then I opened 16. Just leveled an s class from 1 to 150 without having to back out and open food bags. Please make this the normal Scopely and remove the food cap. It’s annoying being capped.

Fyi: this only works with food bags that have 1 million food in them from the war stash, tried with gear just to see and it stops you at the 2.7 million cap.


It’s a good bug, I remember selling something years ago only for the food hitting max and stopping, man I was pissed

Actually, it is not a bug, but a feature - when the update (over a year ago) was rolled out, it clearly said that opening rewards will allow you to exceed your limit. But you can’t claim farms, or sell anything for food while over limit.

(I guess that you’d still be unable to level up your toons for more XP than 2.76M would have allowed you to, though)

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Oh yeah, still says don’t collect or your lose food, but I’ll take it😂

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