Please make Faction Chat Default


Title is self explanatory. Why isn’t faction chat default? It should be, duh.


I’m well aware that this reply lacks content, but:



Take away all the other chats they are worthless … I mean really scopely why should we have to click faction chat while in war … get something right for once @JB.Scopely


It should at the very least go back to the last chat you used. You have to scroll to the right what 5 times every time you want to say something… more things they fixed that were never broken. More wasted time.


Bumpity bump bump :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have made polls and have asked this to happen to several times already. Did get JB to reply once that he would mention it to the team.

Of course, since then nothing has changed and no further responses from what I have seen. Why they can’t even do simple changes like this when the majority of the people keep asking for it just shows how little they care about our opinions and desires for simple quality of life changes.

Keep swiping…err surviving.


this is so little important to the players base that i feel that it will be resolved in few days and we will have the fac chat set as default… but the 1$ offer will never be resolved…


This 100%. Besides GC the other ones are just pointless.


GC is garbage too.


Depends on the region tbh.


Got worse again with the recent beta update. Used to only take one swipe to get from FC to war log during a war, now you’ve to swipe 4 times to get to one or the other. Not only that but you can’t check back the war log in the period after the war ends and closing the results.


Totally Agreed :owl:


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