Please make autoplay & autofill more configurable


First of all: I do know TWD:RTS is not an idle game but the more a player advances in toons and weapons, the easier for him to idle and farm higher stages. Absolutely nobody wants to deal with pathetic Zs or Human levels.

That being said I want to propose some slight modifications towards autoplay and Survival Road autofill.


  • Put the choice of speed in the options menu. It’s frustrating when you hit that button instead of turning off autoplay (especially when you have enourmous manly thumbs like me). I would never go below 3x speed. Ever.
  • Make an option of pausing autoplay after the opponents move. I hit autoplay to increase the opposing team’s movement, especially in Raids and War Battles.
  • Make autoplay’s AR and Active Skill firing optional. Put it on options tab as well.


  • Pick a leader with +crit against Walkers in Survival Road.
  • Force the rest of the team to be suitable for gaining that leaders extra crit against Walkers.
  • Autofill weapons giving extra crit against Walkers.
  • Don’t place toons with default and locked weapons which don’t have a crit stat at all against Walkers.

These are the things that could let me go pass by Bronze and Silver in Survival Road Tournaments more enjoyably than it is now.


Would be nice to be able to configure AR/Actives on/off in the team setup screen.
Some toons you would like their AR to pop regularly (Crit buff, for instance) but useless Active Skills like +15AP boost are not necessary against walkers.
So, allow us to turn these off in the setup screen for when running in auto mode.
But, still allow the AR and AS to charge in case you want to turn off auto play and manually activate one or more of their special skills.


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