Please limit teams makeup

To one type of each character.

It is ridiculous to see 2 magma and 3 lydia teams.



My eyes would light up seeing that defence lol.


that is such easy team to kill with it having zero dmg


I hear ya but it’s too late for that. What are you gonna tell the people that bought three Lydia’s?

Please enlighten me, how to beat that team with F2P toons.

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abe lead decap def down buff up and disarm most would have now

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free to play team

swap lead melee grab free green decap.

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Nice “f2p” Louis and *f2p sandy


you do know she was offed for free from pass event right and he pulled off 250 coins…

Free is the ones that only cost $100 vs the $1000 for the others :rofl::roll_eyes:


Don’t start WW3 again


People dont realize how good crit is but it does help hurt these defense teams, crit will help with absolute defense

Control, control and more control. I use kal for gaurdian 2 but also for his taunt, i can taunt with his skill and his rush buying me time. Confuse also helps, so a shiva or maybe disarm michonne if you have her. Neutralize, i like viktor cause i can impair a line for 2 turns, again buying me time to build my other rush for other teammates. Stun and impair usually have mods to resist but almost no one uses taunt or confuse resist and you cant resist all 4 of stun, impair, taunt and confuse, the most is resisting 2.

Focus, focus will let you bypass shields.

Go for one toon at a time, kill it and move to the next instead of hitting them all unless you lets say stun one shield then start hitting the other shield to try to stun it.

Of course decap is a must have, without decap might as well flee and collect 100 points

100% heal reduction works as a temp decap but also stops healing and hp boosting, joshua has 100% heal reduction in his rush to a line which again can be used to buy you time to set up a kill or rush, etc also has recover stun and collateral damage 2 is great for clearing gaurdian shields although with col dam 2 you can also charge their rush faster esp if they have huge bonus when taking damage

An attacking melee team of greens and yellows is needed for a lydia team as they are blue and yellow.

Some other things is attack and crit buffs for your team and defense down to put on their team.

One team i like to use on lydia teams is abe lead, kal, alpha, viktor and the other spot i play around with joshua, kate, yvette, naya, and soon bruce


Yeah the same could be said with any other promo, doesn’t make them f2p


Yeah that sounds like a fun team to beat. I love playing against 2-3 revives. Just focus on control, stun, and decap. With a decent decap, you could auto those raids. Lydia is a pain but if she’s stunned or taunted the game becomes much easier.

If you don’t have a decap, it’s still doable. You just need to be very careful with your team. Focus entirely on neutralize, stun, taunt, and give everyone AP drain mods. You rely a bit more on RNG with this setup but even before having a decap, I still didn’t have much trouble with shield revive teams.

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Why use “strategy” or “knowledge” when we can just nerf all teams instead.

" Please limit teams makeup"

Definitely, need to limit this teams makeup. Yeesh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds easy imo Bruce is killer against those teams

Wouldn’t it be ww4, then? :thinking:

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How about 3.5 and I’ll throw in a touchè

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