Please increment a possibilit of reset the mods

I Have 3 mods gold stun with 41%.
It would be interesting to be able to raise the level again.

Already said they won’t

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They won’t.

Mods are not weapon

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It’s bad :disappointed_relieved:

But they may include this possibility. I gave the suggestion on the support and they liked the idea.

I suggested my boss to increase my salary. He liked the idea but told me it’s not possible


This comment made my day :smiley:


support writes copy-paste responses. if youd right “your game is sh**” theyd write thank you for your suggestion, we will take it to the team.

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Support is so dumb they hardly know any basic game mechanic and usually (pretty much always) ignore any context you provide. They’d look at the title or subject and insert a pre-written answer. That’s support.

Did they also tell you that mods are predetermined so even if you reset them you would get the exact same outcome?

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