PLEASE IGNORE! I was wrong its depot Glen not gather. SORRY


Sorry guys, this is a big kick in the ass for us free2playplayers.

Well it isn’t actually, I’m f2p, I have both. Also I don’t understand how is this confirmed?

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I’ll judge after he comes out.

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they said what rick it was too beforehand

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this also turned out be xmas rick eh eh ppl fall for to much

Also says doesnt include surprised ascendable characters. This stash is a suprised special offer.

exactly no way a leader skill going to a special skill.

no just got confirmed my glenn is Road To Survival 3 & the 6 star follows to Road To Survival 4. Look at all the 6 stars always like it.

You don’t know what your talking about. They just choose the next number for that character. There is no relation between toon names. It is depot Glenn.


Clothing, adrenaline rush, the buff, this is definitely the depot Glenn. Don’t believe hackers sc*mbags (especially Vladimir Frolov), they are just outdated.

Glenn from the Depot and not Glenn Gatherer from Weapon Components on Plans :slight_smile:

nope. Its not. All 6* stars follow the ordering, go look. You have RTS 1 goes to 2 with 6*.

With Siddiq it goes from call to arms to RTS 1 in 6*.

If this was the Depot one it will say RTS 1 following the traditional trait with all 6*.

Go look in game not hard, to see the pattern.

RTS 1 already exists hence they can’t use it. Stop spreading non sense.

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Explain to me why Yvette travels back in time to me then.

Says doesnt include any surprise unannounced characters.

This is special because it is in a stash. :slight_smile:

I invite you to examine the characters given on this list :slight_smile:

Wait and see. :slight_smile:

Lmao. Thread name changed. Ok.

Wow, they should really consider to change members privilege.

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