Please help with toon and team makeup

Hello I am pretty lost as to what kind of a team I should be running with the toons I have. Any suggestions?

I suggest focusing on upgrading your toons for sure. The higher the better

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I would focus on speed rick to ascend then with the rest of your team I think you will have a decent and solid team

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and mods… do you have 14 mods only?
mods and weapon setup can change your team… keep working on your rooster, you are at a good starting point :+1:t2:

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For now your limited…

Angel lead. Mira. Magna. Sid. I’m leaning towards red Maggie… be nice fit to that team.

For next 6* defo guardian rick the fast yellow

What mods you have ? Try for sets but if cant use best mods… focus on making entire team tpugher attack an def


You got some good beginnings there, just got to upgrade em and get some vet rings, mods, and weapon upgrades going.

I would be making Yellow Rick a prioity, Guardian Shield and a Revive, I wouldn’t worry to much about Yellow Andrea, you already have red Magna who does the same job, but she is at a more advanced level in your roster, Mia is still a good toon and I think you made the right choice grabbing Angel as a leader, make sure you are collecting gold bars and knives to get here levelled up.

5 star Red Carl is still useful for dealing with walkers, (but replace him when you get 5 star Red Lopez) and you can pair him with 4 star red Connor who has a crit up rush, as well as red Eugene. You just have to make that team all red to get the advantage of Carls lead skill.

Make sure you us green 5 star Glenn on road maps, as your team leader, just pair him with your most powerful toons and he will be fine, the small amounts of extra armoury stuff you get from him does add up.

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