Please help with my defense

Do some of you use Connie for defense and her command ?

Otherwise I have those, if any suggestions for defense team

image image

image image

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Command is great for defense but glenn is the best! For you lydia team i would change hunter for eric, eric is revive, heal, defense boost and has recover stun and heal reduction and has gen 2 stats, he is much better than hunter besides not having indom.

Also as what youre implying is making a new defense team with eric lead, that is the meta now and yes connie will work but glenn is better


gleen is really good but if you dont have gleen you can use that connie but try to get glenn from ascencion or depot

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What do you think of improving my defense and play with the new meta blue and green?

As you see I have Lydia - hunter - Douglas - Andrea and Eric

I was thinking for a try to go little confuse / taunt and improve it to:

Eric - princess / solange - hunter - Douglas and Connie command with confuse

Then princess taunt - Connie and Douglas confuse ?

image image

Replace hunter with a yellow command 8% weapon also andrea with 8% and give douglas 20% and he rushes turn one.

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How to make 20% on a blue ? It’s not defender right ?

What do you think of princess in there behind an command ? Just for fun and trying with taunt and confuse by Connie ?

Raider 3 is 20% extremely important because thats the meta right now.
Princess is not a good toon and connie will probaly never rush. Hunter is the worst revive in the game as he only revives and thats it.

So what should I do you suggest ;)?

Solange is better than princess, not just for her revive either. Hunter is not that great, i often let him rush and save killing him for last as he doesnt do anything but damage and revive, if he healed or boosted hp then i would say hunter is great.

Would replace him with a healer/hp booster/revive.

So you would go green revieve solange by Eric lead ? Or would u use rainbow lead like Andrea shield ?

Can do both and change it up during war, i have like 5 defense teams. Andrea shield teams have been pretty good if you have the right team behind her. Eric is more tank lead and will help defend a bit longer.

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