Please help, tactical problem


I recently changed my green Alpha, and went from crit mods to attack mods, so more attack stat as an outcome. now she is about 4.5k attack stat inside battle.
However when I attack now after the changes, I now see everyone in the enemy instantly attack ONLY Alpha from the start of the battle, and this is something that never happened before.
Why is that happening? Is it because the character has more attack now? How does this work?

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She has the lowest HP so the AI will target her as easiest to kill


I learned now about the patch, its very confusing.
btw currently she has good hp and bad def so not an hp problem


it’s not just hp, it’s the combination of defense stat too as well.

If you were to do defense set, with defense and hp mods, things would be different.

So the update did indeed increased the rate of focusing on the weakest link but it isn’t 100% all the time. They can all attack at one toon during that turn based on RNG.

To take some heat off off alpha…

  • Use disrupters like stun rushes and/or weapons, taunters and confusion
  • human shield characters
  • guardian 2 characters

These methods will help deal with the increased targeting. Using guardian 2 character with disrupters is the key.

Of course there is the revive option but it’s kind of rut trying to avoid in the first place.


I noticed now that if I auto (did it during nightmare sr) the AI now targets trait advantage. Any way this could be the case on your battles?


Noticed the AI is also taking into account weapons as well. When I put an impair on Tara (weakest with hp and defense) the defense ignores her first and opts for double attack weapon Regina. When i switch the weapons around and throw the impair on Regina and double attack on Tara, they will go after Tara with a quickness


Really? Thats deep for scopely lol weapons maybe the defense or hp also played a part on the weapons, since the double attack gun is prob 40% attack?

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