Please help me?


I can’t update the game because it always asks me to update my billing information, but it says my card is declined because I have pending purchases when I bought something without the money, do I just need to put money into my bank for the purchases to go through


I moved your help request to the bugs section. Hopefully someone in this area can help. Not sure of your location, but $$$ shouldn’t be required to play


Ok, I couldn’t do it, thought I could. You need to move your help request to the “Bugs” part of the forum. Right now it’s in the “Off Topic” thread.


You can also private message these mods


You aren’t by any chance from Tanzania are you?


No I am not, Tanzanite is my favorite precious gem stone. More rear then diamonds. I am a rockhound, spending my sumners looking for natures natural treasures :laughing:


Hi Quinnton! Did this ever get resolved?


Yes it did


Yay! Awesome. Thanks for the update!


Why can’t I put combat mods in my characters. I am trying to put combat mods in characters that don’t have any and it won’t allow I have over 100,000 in scrap


Got any screen shots of what happens?


It won’t allow me to put anything in


I bought some tanzanite while I was on my honeymoon with the promise of it skyrocketing in value. Haven’t checked on it in a while though.


It won’t give me the option to add combat mods


First: lock your govenor

Click on one of the blank squares? Are you doing that? Once you click the blank square, it will show you mods that can be added, click one of those.


Thank you it is working now


Здравствуйте, ошибка следующего рода:
Фракция: PRO100 РХБЗ
Устройство: андроид вер. 6.0.1
Не могу использовать жетоны для срочного тайника.( в наличии 6 ть штук). Происходит завесание игры. До этого с остальными жетонамт проблем не было.


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On Looney Tunes, with the new Double or Mutton event it is not registering that I have completed the Act 1 when I have. It wont give me the achievement prizes.


Wrong forum for that problem. This forum is for the Walking Dead road to level up