Please help me with Last Words Event

So, basically i’m missing only T letter, and it should be achieved by training 10 troops in training ground. Thing is, my bag is full of characters, like 5000/220 thanks to last event with bones where we got like thousands of trainers. I can’t train nothing because my training ground are already full and can’t claim those characters because i’m full. This means this event is F**ked up and i’m out?

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Yes. Basically

There’s a level up actually, use 10 people to up a fast people. Then claim 10 people in your camp

dude i have 4800 characters over the limit, to do as you say i must use them all. Doesn’t seems that worth to me…

Didn’t those trainers all come from bags you had to open?

If it isn’t worth for you then simply stop doing it.

■■■■■■■ and win that level up. Scopes didn’t give everyone boat loads of trainers to keep in their roster permanently. If u haven’t found use for them by now then what’s the use

All these hoarders still hope the game will improve. :joy: Won’t ever happen. Also I do not understand why people have to fill up all their training grounds and not letting at least one 1 TG free for use.

Wouldn’t make a difference Captain Hindsight. Still wouldn’t be able to clam the toons from it.

Easy to be distracted by real life and the timer hit zero because some chump faction mate got the speed up TT

Get the small t from arenas to claim the collectables. You are out of luck for the big T.

It’s about time to use those trainers to win a level up. Do it!!

4800? What is the interest?

Need a second Y, S, O, and N anyone got any clues where to find these?

In short, either:

  1. Pay and do the premium roadmap
  2. Farm arenas
  3. Use the limited orange quills you have if you are an SC member.
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1k over with only 4 Benedicts in roster. Benedicts still in boxes :man_shrugging:

You need literally thousands of toons to max out sclass toons. Don’t tell me you don’t have any 6* or 5* toons at T4 not maxed out yet. Skopelie always comes up with stupid missions like “ascend 5 toons”, then this is the chance to lvl up some useless 4* toons just in case they will come up again with such missions. People bitch about just everything what happens in this game, when it doesn’t fit to them, as if this all is so incredible relevant.

I think you’re missing the point here.

The issue isn’t having enough characters to level a fast toon by 10 levels.

The issue is that they have 4,780 characters over their roster cap and therefore need to burn through all those just to be able to claim 10 characters from their training ground.

I just need d and p then I have completed deputy but I have no clue on how to get them :confused:

I am not stupid and can read though you may pretend I am with your comment. The solution is easy, as described above in my last comment. If they don’t want to use their toons then they should keep on hoarding them. You cannot make it right for every player in this game. It’s clearly flawed as always but people have to decide for themselves now and not always hoping that company will change a mission just because to make it easier for them to grab a few collectibles.