Please help me please ffs title being a cont

I need to have a lvl 3 charector by the end of the week and I dont how to make a charector
Can someone make him for me

What Are You Asking?


depends do you mean teir 3 a toon

or a 3* toon

This isn’t for walkimg dead it’s for MRPG
Basically dnd but you text each other

Yeah,Nobody here is going to be able to help you.

why post it on the walking dead forums then


Because I can
And this isn’t a official MRPG forums yet lol

right like ghost said we cant help

Sure, post your phone number on the forums and I’m sure someone will text you

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No not like actually text using phone numbers
Bacially imagine dnd but ppl are just sat round the table on their phones
It’s a bit complex to explain

Would be easier with text

Sounds ghey