Please Help me for my account

Good Morning guys, I would like to ask for your help to be able to recover my account that was stolen on 24th August 2019.
I was playing when i was kick out from the game; i relaunch the app and i find myself in a new russian account!!
I was logged in with facebook but now there’s only this fake new account.
I have already send my account code, some receipt to scopely assistance but they “cannot” give it back to me because the difference of old/hack account is too high!!
What can i do?? Please help me

Congrats you are now free…

Russian hacker pls steal my account too

Post your account code and billing info here. Feel free to include last 4 of social security number


what neato said. enjoy your new found freedom!

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What do you mean the difference is too high?

Likely a weak translation to English. It’s location based, along the lines of ‘your account has been logging in from a location that’s not near where you’re now located so we’re unable to return this account’.


Ah that makes sense. Hard to fix.

Ok,but it’s not my fault!! I spent a lot of money and now ?? It’s impossible that there’s no solution!

I’m in Italy and i “think” my account now is in Russia, but i can’t believe there’s no solution!
Where are player protection?:thinking:

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Russian don’t go looking for Facebook accounts to try to get twdrts games. Hard to imagine how they got you game… Unless

Best way is to go to support provide details and hope they can restore it

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So vk buyers dont get their accounts back.

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What do you mean for vk?

They are russian hackers who sell toons. By using your facebook account. Be honest. Did you buy from VK?

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No i did not shop NOTHING from no one.
But it is not possible that i can’t restore my account

Hmm all these stolen accounts keep ending up in VKland I mean Russia. Very coincidental lol

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Eh ok bro, but they can control my money,my pg ,all of my account, and there’s nothing of cheating

Look at the ToS that account that you think is your is not it all belongs to them you are paying to use their property believe it or not

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@Fore91 Second phone, instal game, start new account. Send to scopely old account code, some ss from you payments, and New account code. You will get it back. But you need new account that no one else, from other location acces before.