PLEASE HELP? I am stuck and I don't know what to do

so this is my team I currently have and my problem is I am reworking my mods so they hit hard but idk and Solange doesn’t last long enough to use her revive abilities please help anyone

which mods do she have?

Give solange more defensive mods and a defensive weapon with ap on attack. You may want a more melee-oriented leader as well, since currently you’re only reaping a 30% health leader bonus on the majority of your toons. Do you have any melee based leaders? Green Carl might be the best if you need a healer.

Is this your attack? Or defense?
I think you could put together a better attack team. If its defense you want to tank them out, not make them hit harder

i can see that solange has a attack mod. why?

If for offense, i agree what others have said. I would pick a lead and build the team from there. The best candidates are those with 40 atk and huge ap on atk.

Off the top of my head the best ftp candidates are andrea for a ranged team or yellow lead rick for a yellow.

Honorable mentions are green abe, season 1 green mira, and red mira.


so this looks like a defensive team. Don’t use the fierce lucille yes it looks nice but that is an attack weapon. Try and get a defensive paddle or dwights club and but the hopeful prefix (Defender lv3) on either of the 2. Use a carl lead or a all melee teammates get 40 def and 40 hp. Take out romanov and use guardian ezekiel and give him a dramatic khukuri. For shiva i would drop her and put koa instead but you might not have a shield so put your strongest buffer in there. glenn 6* should do it.

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