Please give us douglas and rick gaurdians

Valentines day event not useless, just got lucky with this, have douglas also

Pulled kenny a week before he became acsendable, lets see/hear those lucky pulls before they get made acsendable


I got Donny from ascending a red 4* maggie the day before he got ascendable. Dont think i have the screenshot anymore though.


Nice! Ive been trying for eric since he became ascendable

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i got carl 1 weeks before he became ascendable. a long time ago

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I had to get carl for $5 which all these toons should be priced at for a 5*, $10 for a 6*


Nice pull @How2Zombies I got garbage my third all out war Ezekiel and the Ezekiel that does the 80 attack 40 defence buff

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Pulled my 2nd Lydia honestly with all the greens not sure what to do with her.Maybe switch weapons to confuse people.Already have Ricky boy.Hope he’s decent as gen 2

I have some nice hard hitting greens and yellows so lydia teams im ok with, a second one behind a shield might help keep the hp boosting going tho

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That’s what I running for Lydia teams

Is that negan any good got him but not levelled


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If you can build up maim he is good mostly with those multi revive time out teams he just decrease there health slowly until they die or made easier to kill. His leader skill is great for my team. Maim is recently bugged as it has stopped going though bonus hp but when it happens the character is still alive but he doesn’t attack but you can attack it which I called it perma stun until they are rivivef which I am hoping @GR.Scopely and @JB.Scopely will fix maim

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Just got him yesterday from my coins when I got promoted from league 1 to league 2 platinum :smiley:

I would’ve been okay with him for Coins aswell :unamused:

Green Mira is better if you have her

Yep using her at the mo works pretty well now I got Bruce

Blue Kenny was my 3rd 5* ever, back when I had no clue what a “Legacy” was. The day I claimed Lee, looked in my roster and saw my very first orange star ever. Thought I was dreaming :joy: Now I’l just leave this abomination right here


They probably let a chance to those who doesnt have them yet. It’s not too bad for F2P players that it’s still not live. Maybe next week since there’s another level up faction. I personally have 2 Ricks and had Doug before selling him, but meh that’s on me.
If I get Douglas until then I’ll be happy but if they are released before I get it it’s fine too.

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I was lucky get him. Popped in my depot 2 days before he become a six stsr

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