Please, give me a hand if tou can

I need help to make a efficient attack team

Camila Lead, Bruce, James, Glenn and either Kate or Viktor. Kate would probably need an abs D weapon to stay alive. Glenn offers a confuse rush with attack up, commander and can hold a stun or ap down weapon. Bruce disarm toon, stun weapon, active ap drain. James major damage dealer with his collat 2. Camila lead huge ap and +40 attack, stun recovery active skill, burn rush with damage and a one turn focus with impair. Finally Kate healing attack up and focus / Viktor stun weapon, neutralizer and his rush can impair a line, also active focus can be useful

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You could make a bleed team - Camila lead, James, Green Rick, Herschel, Yellow Shiva.

Shiva does bleed on attack, and Herschel’s active skill does bleed and heal, you could then lacerate with Green Rick, if you did set it up, keep Hershel and Rick apart, encase you come up against Crista, you run the risk of her doing trait damage to both if they stand side by side. Herschel’s execute is nice too. Good for finishing off S classes.

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