Please get rid of bots


I was already tired of bots during raid events, but now they are incorporated in everyday raids. Please do something about this. Bots are aggravating and not necessary.


They could change bots so that they are more relative to actually team strength then just giving top player copy teams. But they cant get rid of bots altogether or there will be nothing left to raid once all the players are shielded


Or at least make them worth raiding. If you are over level 100, the bots should give 50k of wood and 50k of food. The minimum amount of rewards is an insult.


@Joe256 ask your server to put their def Teams down.


I don’t like this idea and I won’t lower my defense. Don’t mind raiding tough teams, just want them to get rid of bots.


You can’t lower your defense once your roster gets stronger. Whatever strength your roster is at, that’s the strength of bot you’ll face.

Like other players said, if they remove bots, you won’t be able to raid anyone because everyone would just be shielded. Bots itself, aren’t overpowered or an issue because they’re carbon copies of players’ teams. So if you can’t beat the bots, you likely can’t beat players with the same teams.


Agreed. Whether anyone likes them or not bots are necessary or there wont be much raiding going on.


Here is a idea to not have to get bots all the time finally get rid of ghost mode


Bots are about the only thing I raid.


Like my region has about 20 top 100 players that quit most a year or 2 a go forever ghost mode is even more ridiculous


Even if ghosting didn’t exist, this problem still would. As the math stands, there are possible more raids done than there are players in each region. That’s not even factoring refills, but just the basic 6 raids done by 1 player to put 6 other players into shields.

It hasn’t been an issue to games like Clash of Clans because they have a massive player base, but with the regions in this game, it can’t be helped.


I’m saying it helps to decrease slightly the bots


So if they get rid of bots sand ghosting, what happens when you get raided so much during a raid tournament that you have no more materials and food left?


Off topic it is only reason people have this ridiculous high number of rep


I’m new to this… kind of, but how do you know you are raiding bots?


There is no I for info


So are they supposed to be easier ?


Not sure, but I raid people with different names and the exact same team. These people are all factionless, as well…


50-50 On them being easier never know who’s bot it is alot of same leaders on def still


this kind of makes since. I’m always raiding same names and very simillar teams.
Lead always Javier.