Please fix your broken game!

Once again, I ran into two teams in arenas that had fully leveled, level 150 James! Fix this! stuff like this is really what ruins the game. Not only are you lying to people when they buy items but you allow cheaters to invade the game like crazy!

defensive toons in arenas will always be maxed.
it’s a game mechanic.

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I call B.S. on that. I have seen many none maxed James’s and Christa’s on arena defense teams.

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Sometimes (during classic from what I’ve seen) the characters won’t be maxed. But in modes like Draft I always see them at max.

They scale up in draft mode classic they stay whatever you had them at from what I understand

That would make sense. But how about than you give the attackers fully leveled up weapons?

For Draft arena all characters fully max stats specially S class.

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