Please fix territory points for leagues


This is just ridiculous, Scopely, please come up with a fix for this. Walkers every where


Yes!!! This needs to be addressed ASAP!


This is definately a region wide issue everywhere. Would love to hear if any region has found a solution that works. Walkers everywhere


In Laurens we have just set a compromise amongst top factions to defend territories again. But I think that territories classification should count for leagues. And walkers killing too.


There’s no way to police it because there’s no way to see who sends it to walkers unless your looking at the territory. It’s beyond ridiculous. One of the worst ideas ever. Just deactivate them.


I completely agree


Agreed this was definitely not the way to make the glitchy as hell territories more relevant to game play. Nice try scopley but epic fail.


It’s not going to stop the white out map until they change it


While I’m getting used to the leagues and some parts are fun, there are parts that need to be addressed. Territories are the main problem. Many regions have worked very hard to come to weapon territory agreements. Those agreements have helped foster a sense of community and very much lowered the animosity in territories…until leagues. Now region after region are complaining about territories, including weapons territories, being regularly left to walkers. We all know its for higher league standings. Along with negating any region agreements, this is fostering fights, accusations and dissent throughout regions. It doesn’t help that people have “the territory glitches” to blame it on.
SOMETHING needs be done to alleviate the issue! I dont know…make it so you can’t send a terr to walkers…take trophies away for walkering or something…anything


Please remove territory attacks from league points. Or make points available for clearing walkers. It’s causing too many problems. @JB.Scopely this really needs to be addressed.


yes x 1000


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