Please fix some annoying things

Like Unstopable annoying terriotory pops up.

Or game crashed TOO often while Attacking Terriotories.

ppl always talk about it but why scopely never trying to fix it?

Lmao if you find the answer please share…my guess…it Makes them money. All these hardcore facs will pay for a refill to get a terr and waste cans. They don’t care ubless they lose money honey

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They need to fix the sd food buying this is so annoying that you have to tap the screen 3 times just to get 100k worth of food it’s so stupid there needs to be a multiplier buy option so u can buy more than one at a time

Theirs WAAAAAAAY more important things that need to be fixed first, morgan a promo toon they sold is breaking the game for people still, territories are crashing the game, scav camp missions are outdated, the supply depot and war crates are outdated, rewards for events sucks, etc, etc, etc

Honestly they need to fix the entire game. Which wont happen. They will continue to hire people who can work around the problems and make money.
The fact that they can’t fix basic problems shows how Interested they are in keeping their customers happy. They will always have a percent who spends either new players who are unaware or older players who have learned to live with the negatives of this game. They will focus on those 2 groups. Making op toons, and also making offers that bait young players and eventually turn them into whales.
The players who spend casual or not all will never be a priorey. Territories is not a money maker ubless it crashes and makes people buy refills. …enough said

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