Please fix issue where you destroy enemy in war but still lose

I’m not sure how this occurs but it has happened more than once to our faction. We destroy a team but because they somehow have more points they win the war. Surely if you destroy all teams you win period? Am I wrong?

Working as intended. You get a bonus for destroying them all but if they’ve farmed you plenty to get a nice lead you aren’t really beating them. More than likely just coined a lot more.


Don’t worry about the win loss. It really means nothing. Has taken me a while to accept that.

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I believe if they’re 10k ahead of you and you destroy rhem they win, because destroy bonus isnt big enough to make up that difference.

Why is everyone so hung up on winning. The game allows anyone to buy a win. Who cares. It’s about getting as many points as possible and getting to the highest rank possible. You won’t remember your record come tomorrow anyway.

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