Please explain how…


I have read the guidelines. So please explain how the linked post violates said guidelines?


Defamation is the loophole. Calling a liar a liar is Defamation if the liar is ignorant enough to think they aren’t lying. Generally speaking, scopely doesnt lie.


Bending the truth and avoiding answer is not a lie, why do you people attack this great company, that isn’t nice


Please don’t antagonize @kalishane, I genuinely want a reply. Do not give her an excuse to close.


Contact support


If at first you don’t succeed, spend and spend again


I can easily see how calling out a person or company isn’t allowed. Calling out the action taken by said person or company however is very different.

Any filtering of such talk as the latter is just simply erasing the stuff you don’t like. If the stuff is truthful, then it’s even worse abuse of free speech.

But, it’s their company, their chat. So their prerogative. Just more transparency would be better way to handle it.


Are you talking about the linked post of the Letter??


Pretty much anything that causes a negative emotional or physical reaction can be acted upon with a close, delete, ban if they wished.

So be as overly sensitive as possible and address everything all pc-like. That’s why the summary for most of my thread introductions start with a strict “I’m not trying to be an asshole. I’m just honest and use the most accurate words to fit the situation.” format.


In regards to “taking action” against Scopely, wouldn’t deleted posts be obstruction of justice? Lol



Cute ! Part of one of the threads that was deleted today. I imagine this one will be next now.


I answered your question.



Maybe my English is not good enough, it is not my first language, but this does not make sense. I cannot see anything in the ToS that answers why my post was closed.

Are you implying that if the answer can not be found in the ToS I should just shut up and deal with it?


Shut up and deal with it peylow…lol