Please explain how ap down works (SOLVED)

I hit a toon with special weapon while having a huge lead and huge ap bonus on attack = 40 ap, he procs the ap down and the ap goes down but only for 5 ap, not 30.

Also winter michonne is adding 16 ap not 20 as stated in her rush.

I’ve tried to find a combatmans’ post but I failed

It shows 20% to me (not 20 as whole number)


My bad, u r right

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I’m not sure what happens when a toon’s AP is less than 30 when they attack a weapon with it, but maybe that’s what happened?

I simulated the issue with rick rise to power against shieldjesus - after first hit rick had 40 ap (Huge lead and weap), then jesus hit an abs and rick got 1 ap, he hit the next time and ap down worked - reduced ricks’ ap to 36 which should’ve been 10.

After turn 1

Immidiately after ricks’ turn 2

Oh wait I’m dumb, minus ap applies only after rick got his ap from the second attack = 66ap and minus 30 is 36, which is right. Sorry for taking your time guys!

I think this is why the community is made for, many people want to help each other :smiley: so don’t worry :grin:


The important thing here is that AP down when taking damage procs after the agressor hits and gain AP.
And another point to consider about AP effect, is that AP down can be better than AD in some scenarios.

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