Please elevate Glenn and Morgan

@WalkerTexasRanger please pass this thought on to Scopely

@Parker discuss this idea in the Council of players

I believe that the rise of Glenn and Morgan will make life a little easier for many players

what do you think of this?


Making New Characters with Skills would be better or making them Ascendable would be even more better.


what hashtag can you come up with?))

I want Scopely to hear this idea

@LadyGeek raised this 2 weeks ago, about having S-Class versions of tutor characters


what does elevate mean

make 5* to 6 *
Sorry, I write through Google translate))

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its ok. i didnt mean any offense, i just did not understand.

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No, let us get rid of 5s, we need an official statement from scopely telling no more legacies so we can clear our rosters

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We should have future legacies, but now 6*s that can become S class.

I prefer next toons to be like Ivanova or Marlon, straight s classes


They probably dont need to make them ascend-able, but change what they drop, like in the first picture, I find that 5 star Glenn mixed in with some S classes gets the job done anyway.

But yeah love the idea, this would be great! Thanks for all the effort you put into making this post @Dead1998 good job :+1:

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We in 7* Era now, the grand majority of 6* characters will be a waste of gear and trainers to focus on now

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