Please drastically increase

The amount of XP delivered by trainers!

Dare I say it, but there is now a glut of toons to level up, and it just takes so freaking long to level one up before a new toon becomes available!


Points for sclass need to go up, food, expanding the town all need to be done. They did give more xp to the good trainers, just not the ones you convert in training grounds :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Other way around. Converted trainers got a 10% boost compared to what you got for using toons directly (losing the persona bonus though), proper trainers give the same xp as they did in the past.

Please drastically increase the rates of weapon crits, I don’t care if the blessed accounts get 20 crafts I only need one to make game fair

I agree leveling new characters is a pain without ygl being dependable

But even ygl barely scratches the surface on the upper tiers of 6* let alone legendaries

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