Please don't put Rick up again for level up

Please don’t put Rick up again as a level up prize. He’s easily one of the most useless 6 stars your designers ever dreamt up. Remember back in the day when raid and level up prizes were all star characters. Often the ones that had just been offered in premier recruits. We used to go crazy for those tourneys and work our ass off for a top 10 finish. Let’s bring that old feel back. Put Harper or Shield Jesus or even revive Holly as tomorrow’s level up prize and watch the points and cash flow in. Please do not offer rick as many times as you offered Aaron. He sucks, no one is motivated to play this game at the moment. Let’s turn things around


They have run out of mostly useless 6-stars to offer up as a reward so now we’re down to the bottom of the barrel completely useless ones. Expect yellow Barker, yellow Negan, and blue Abe over the next several weeks. :wink:


FYI with 23 hours left to go our #1 is already just shy of 4.4 million. I’m assuming it’s like this all over. So long as people keep spending and burning resources for trash that is all we will get offered to us.

The players never seem to learn and most have no self control as evidenced by scores like this.

I got Aaron a week or two ago with no effort whatsoever. That was some BS.


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It amazes me that they’re so scared to put up a halfway-usable character for prize. Like it’s going to tank their revenue somehow.


I can’t believe Beta is the next prize. I’m going to be sitting on this YGL for weeks now. :frowning:


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