Please dont make this a mystery so we can plan

I have both of the toons for the Red Velvet cakes but only have 524 cakes. Will there be an opportunity to earn more before the collection expires? Or are pulls the only way to get more? I need to know because I’m negative coins and wont be spending. So please be transparent @GR.Scopely


Answer sometime today would be wonderful

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I would claim one of them for sure so it doesn’t go to waste then wait on the next one and hope that they will appear somewhere else

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! No.


Well Jb and Gr are done for the week lol. Vacation sooooooo

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Then @TayTron @ForumAdmin someone answer the question please

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I think(and hope) the cakes will be rewards in faction sr or faction onslaught this week…

Geez… Mindblowing. At work, me and my colleague can’t take vacation leave at the same time because our responsibilities are similar. And we’re not a multimillion company.

Even if they did read this thread they would read the negative coins part and exit immediately. Your of no value to them now Lol


hard to be transparent when they dont know what’s happening

I don’t think they think past whatever lunch…


Those red velvet cakes collections are a pleasure for spenders only. Even if they make accessible for non spenders the main goal it’s to make the whales money worth and encourage them to spend more and more. Just like they made with new SC comics collections providing better rewards

Remember that communication promise ? Yeah you ■■■■■■■ fail!

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Are they lovers ? Geez

I feel like if you are negative coins you are no longer in scopely’s core bucket demographic so you will get even less help than you might have previously. But keep asking all the same.

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Oh wait you’re serious, let me laugh even harder


You better not get an answer before me, I’ve been tagging them all day and nothing😂

You could get lucky Duff Man

JB.ScopelyYesterday at 9:17 AM

sorry about that, just made aware of it through the relatrd thread,

folloowing up with ops

StamYesterday at 11:03 AM

@JB.Scopely will the red velvet cakes be rewards for fac survival road or onslaught?

JB.ScopelyYesterday at 11:08 AM

red velvet cakes are there for the foreesable future yep

we’ll share more deets asap

Wasnt sure how well that would copy and paste, but that is taken from the discord server yesterday.

That wouldnt even get me out of the negative lol