Please DON’T change the triple event


It has become a tradition to change in the last minute the events. Specially changing faction level ups to indi level ups. Please DON’T CHANGE THEM THIS TIME!.. make this weekend a “Faction apraisal weekend”… @kalishane


It’s already been changed… they said they couldn’t run all three at once


Where is that? Omg


Changed a while ago xD




It is impossible to run three events since two will require most of the player’s attention and time.

In short, you can’t raid when you have to war, and you can’t war if you have to raid. Level up can come along with Raid or War because it’s not an event where you need to frequently participate.

You just have to send Characters on a XP Mission and shove other useless fellas down their throats. Not like on Raid tournaments or War Events. These two needs your full focus.


Thank you for the feedback Rebel_X!

Unfortunately, we are only able to run certain events at the same time. There are technical limitations.

I am double checking what these are so I can ask next time I see a combination that is not doable.

Thank you!


So, we can only do two at a time currently. We don’t put War and Raid together as they are too combat heavy and we feel it would take away from one or the other. We don’t do Level Ups during War because it’s in the same slot on the backend so we are unable.

I hope this helps!


This is the type of very good, transparency we relish. It’s way more satisfying as an end user to hear a definitive “technical limit” as a reason.

Because we can then move on.


They did do a war and level up weekend once before. I want to say early 2017


We did, it was the very first time war was introduced. I’m guessing, since we had less events then, (war, raid, faction raid,lvl up, and maybe faction lvl up) there were more “slots” available, but since the introduction of survival rd and faction survival rd they take up more slots??? I could be completely off… but you are certainly right that once upon I time it was done, lvl up and war at the same time.


How about faction level up at the same time of indi level ups? That would REALLYY make us spend a lot of resources :wink: