Please do these two things


Awesome news. I’m also a big fan of the 2nd comment as well. Some kind of ‘dueling’ would be on the top of my awesome want list. To be able to do friendly raids without rep loss with faction members would be epic.


not possible since there’s an automatic truce of 2,5 hours when you lose when attacked. In 6 hours, if you’re doing absolutely nothing to break the truce, you could only get attacked 2 times.


I think is a bug…i was raided for 3 times in 5 min :wink:


What about #2? Being able to test your own teams is probably the #1 most requested feature in TWD:RTS’s entire history, start to finish.

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We have an entirely different perspective on that. Rep doesn’t determine your rank as a faction, war does.



Hard to determine which are bots??? Hahaha noooob

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I always wanted to test the teams of my fracmats (my own as well). And I know this drop lead thing is a big issue. Every time I have a little to much reasources a little bit too long I’m raided… I could def so many ppl but I my faction is way more important than my rep. But it still annoys my every time…


There is a in between put up a drop lead and ghost problem solved


Geez, I thought you played this game… one of the easiest things to understand for anyone who played this game for at least a short while…