Please do something about this! Scavenger mission "You Got Unlucky"


This needs to be addressed and keep being addressed otherwise it will never get fixed. It is absolutely ridiculous that the you got lucky scavenger mission is so much less common if you complete the gold missions. I’m sure there are lots of other people with this issue and I don’t see how it is a level playing ground for everyone considering 90% of the events are level up tournaments. This has been an issue for YEARS and can be resolved very easily. Just create a new tab on the scavenger camp for prestige missions so you can see them all and when they refresh. Why should some players be at an MASSIVE advantage because they haven’t completed missions surely it should be the other way around. Please can you leave a comment down below showing your support so maybe this might get addressed.
Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great day.


I havent seen a YGL since October last year almost forgot what they were until I seen your post.


JB mentioned this about a month ago. There is nothing they can do about the frequency of it popping up. The original coders have long since moved on & they are incapable of figuring out their coding on the scavenger missions. Personally at that point they should just trash scavenger missions & that would put everyone on equal playing field on ygl. It sucks when you get 1 after coining & aborting the others, while another person gets 3-4 every time.


I find it hard to believe for one second that this can’t be fixed. That old “legacy code can’t be touched” is pure nonsense. Hire some competent programmer’s and have them take care of it once and for all. If this is too much for a multi-million dollar company to handle then just do this.

Reset everyone’s gold mission progress and have us all work back to 10 so we can all be on the same playing field in a level up as the ones who were clued into the fact that the more gold missions you complete the worse off you will be.


That’s exactly what needs to happen. But this topic keeps going away and nothing is getting done about it.

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so the main point is to remove useless missions that no one even finish once and leave the prestige ones and exp

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“The old programmers are gone and we are helpless :sob:” is a lie, plain and simple. If it is such an issue then maybe scrap scav missions and make an all new scav camp but the real issue is theirs no money to be made from this. Instead of lying they should just be honest and say “we cant make any profit on fixing/updating/changing scav missions so we wont do it”


Or extreme worst case scenario is to require all gold missions to be completed for YGL to even show up. That would put everyone on the same playing field.

But what really should be done is a complete overhaul to the entire scavenger camp and create a whole bunch of new missions that fit the current meta.

Do Tom Petty proud and make it happen scopes.


They could make money from a revamped scav camp if they do it right. Put 6-star t3 and t4 gear in there, create multiple xp missions, and watch people use coins to refresh it.


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely look profits from scav missions… Take it to the teaaaam!


That needs to happen! Literally all the scavenger missions are pretty much useless. Just needs a whole new revamp.

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i guess im lucky cause i see it every day lol


That’s what it used to be for me until I decided to do the gold missions not aware it would be an issue now I’m lucky if I get 1 every 2 weeks. It needs to be addressed to level the playing field for everyone.

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The lies people believe crack me up… pretty sure last year they changed the requirements for it to pop up… they can change that, but can’t make any other changes?

Only two cases can be fair… force everyone to complete all 20 missions or reset everyone’s. It’s so ridiculous.


I thought unfair was the way most people liked it, or is it only unfair that favours you that you like ?


It is what it is suck it up buttercup :rofl: no whining going on here nothing to see


You have a bad definition of fair… something you can’t control against something you can control. You can choose to wake up early… I can choose to stay up late until 1am… I can’t choose to have my scav pop up endlessly like others.

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I think I have a fair view of fair, one which makes things fair for everyone looks like it’s your turn on the roundabout while others are on the swings seems fair to me

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It’s amazing how rumors take root.

That idea, that the people who coded the scavenger missions are no longer with the company and they don’t want to deal with that code - that was a player hypothesis, nothing ever stated by Scopely.

@IronandWine has better searching skills than I do. No IUGO/Scopely loophole here, I stand corrected. Although, the players’ paraphrasing does embellish it - they don’t say they’re helpless and they don’t say the code can’t be touched. They say it’s a large task. I realize it’s a huge deal to a number of players, but honestly if they’re going to take on a big task and re-code an entire section of the game, they have higher priorities.


I agree. It’s crazy. People believe everything. But knowing that was a rumour makes it even more annoying that they fail to acknowledge this problem.