Please do another mistletoe collection


I am a little over stocked,

Can you please do some other sort of collection so I can get rid of the mistletoe, I appear to be a little overstocked. In return I will not point out that the picture is of holly and the descriptor is mistletoe.

Epic gear would be cool or ascension medals

Thanks in advanced

Keep surviving


I Agree. Either that, or the Faction Raid should’ve happened when the event started, so we would’t have much to farm these days.

Though, I wonder what they will give in exchange for the globes and mistletoes…


They’ll be worth 10 food each like the illustrious broken candy canes from Xmas past


Something to use the excess up, not gather more,

During this raid tourney most players have at least 1000 extra

What would hurt with having the excess converted to accession medals

Maybe even a collection that lets us pick a toon or anything

You logic is flawed, you don’t want anything for something you already have to exchange.

Why don’t you log out!


Too late :stuck_out_tongue: Good job on the raiding though


Wow pal calm down. My mistake. Thought you were talking about re farming again. I will understand you point now.


They could have had Santa tokens and robots drop but then u won’t buy them


Hold on to those mistletoe sprigs, for each 100 of them you have left over, you’ll get a depot point in return. Merry Christmas!


Funny thing was selling them for food provided more food than the turn in at the museum (well, talking about the shattered ornaments). Typical failed math on Scopely’s part. Even funnier, I still have >100,000 shattered ornaments. Just. In. Case.


They’ll just be converted into supply points like always. Hope the conversion rate is high