Please disconnect territory from league


please disconnect territory from league. in the perry region all territories are empty. everyone rushes at each other for the sake of the league. impossible to play normally.


Complete and total mess.


While your at it, why don’t you add Level Up to League


Territories are completely fkd now. What a mess.


Terriotries have always been 95% garbage since day one. Just get rid of them all together. Once less thing to fk up the reat of the game anyways.


@JB.Scopely yes please just get rid of territories altogether. It’s a horrible glitchy feature that the devil wouldn’t even touch. Just scrap it


Only for the people who continuously have YGL available. It’s only fair :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:


The solution would be to add points for clearing walkers or remove completely. Either way it can’t carry on.


This is what the territories In the region I’m in, is there anyway a 5 territory energy charge to Walker a territory @JB.Scopely to try and stop people doing it


fixed that for you.


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