Please continue bringing up VK hack site!


VK is scopely partner.
How come no official message from scop about VK.

@Justabox send the proof of cheat its impossible to up all 6 to C4…
I’ll just stop spending and stop soon playing cause cheaters ruin the game.
Keep surviving…


I think I have disagreed with you on other topics, but I’ll have to agree with you on some of these points.


Think we got our wires crossed in one thread talking about 2 different things and thinking we were talking to each other.


But Scopely thinks that banning the top players (hackers) in each region will destabilize a region and cause others to quit. *not catching all hackers, lop-sided factions etc… There is nothing being done and there will never be anything done to address this problem. Game Guardian and Vk till your heart is content.


VK has been hacking in anything from coins, to gear, to specific 5* characters on command for well over a year now.

$copley does not care.

At best they are too busy or too incompetent to do anything. At worst there is some sick idea on thier part that the cheaters actually incentivize spending by other players so they are complacent about the whole thing.



Oh, and by the way. VK hackers!

And now that I’ve brought that up, let’s remember the goats.



Thank you for your ongoing tribute to Tom Brady :joy:


Definitely have to try that game


didn’t even know it existed before today, but I am right there with ya. :smiley: