Please continue bringing up VK hack site!


Please continue to bring up VK hack site and hackers so Scopley can deal with the problem


Multiple threads highlight the problem. I don’t want to see it swept under the carpet. And I’m pretty sure from seeing ss that one blatant hacker was very annoyed that he has been recently brought up on the forums.


i disagree we need more posts about this plauge that is vk. public outcry is the only thing that gets scopely moving. people are clever and will find way to find the hacks without us highlighting them.


Like I mentioned before. Pm the mods the hacker stuff so VK won’t get potential buyers from people making posts about them.


Exactly, we shouldn’t post here anything about VK and people should wait 6-9months from scopely to fix problems. Also reporting proved so effective and permanent lol.


I like how you make a joke out of a very deep situation.


It isn’t joke but is related. Also it isn’t deep unsolved problem, it became part of the game 1+ year ago.


Disagree OP. The more threads the better.


You’re right. How could I be so stupid to think this plan is the way to go? I’ve never been so wrong in my whole life. Maybe we should continue to expose VK for what they are doing.


whats wrong with VK?


Do you think it is not so well known that its not talked about everywhere, in fc, gc, line? Not talking about it here only hurts the people who don’t cheat. Scopely needs to see it over and over with the same anger from us or they will just ignore it like they do with everything.


At what point, if shopping at VK doesn’t have consequences, does it just become the off-brand discount store version of the Scopely store?

It’s really surprising that there hasnt been more of a reaction from Scopely as any spending there comes out of their potential sales!


To answer your question - time is right about now.


They write in Russian and I can‘t read it… :frowning:


They accept bitcoin =)


Yup, same group of hack sellers is on line, facebook, and VK, aldo many here associate same people with VK social network.


Sharing info with us helps! Maybe it would be best to keep a Cheating / Exploiting thread open that we update when we find stuff.

The team is watching the forums and we share within slack.

The emails are investigated primarily and sorted through. But this helps too!


I am trying to keep the faith but the timeline shows this is obviously not a priority. This makes me sad. It also makes me think I should be buying from VK. I know my $25k is a drop in the bucket but I do expect a level of “fair play”. Perhaps I am foolish and I expect too much from Scopely. I can guarantee that if Robert were completely aware of this there would be a review of whether to renew the license.

You asked for evidence. You have a video, multiple screenshots which point to a cheater. There is no more evidence required. If his account is still open right now then you have no credibility. It really is that simple.

The only question for me is whether I choose to join them. Trying to hold out hope. Restore my faith please.


You and other people like you are the reason why $copley are not making hacking a number 1 priority. People who spends on this game gives them fuel to keep pushing forward with new ideas how to scam people out of money. Guess what $copley would do if no one spent money… FIXING SHIT! It starts from the $$$ then everything else will follow. Nothing will change until they hurt from the pockets. My own faction (whats left of them since everyone has been quitting like crazy) have stopped spending. Only a matter of time until i do the same.


I’ll have to agree to disagree. I stopped spending on “premium” products about 8 months ago. I can stay competitive and have fun without it. I don’t see the spending as an issues like you. I see it as more of a corporate culture for Scopely. Eliminating spending won’t improve the game.