Please consider moving faction SR mitten milestones up

The event is only going to be 24 hours, from effectively 1am est sunday-1am est monday or 10p sat-10p sun. if one wakes up at 8 and goes to bed at 1 am, hopefully they dont have to work early the next day, that gives 17 hours to run sr, at 4 energy an hour plus 8 to start,that makes 76 energy. 25 per level, that is only 3 levels that can be made it through. even if you wake up at 5, thats still only an extra 12 energy, which still leaves you short. im sure you dont plan on extending the event length, so is it possible that you move up the milestones so that those that cant stay up 24 hours can complete the milestones to get the museum achievements? i know this is too much to ask and will fall on deaf ears, but you dont know unless you ask.

and to clarify, i dont mean up in the sense of moving them to having to complete legendary to achieve them. i mean make them achievable after the first couple levels.


I’m sure there will be a Christmas sale on refills that will help you complete.

I have refills and will get ms, this is more for the f2p base.

lol no, they will make it harder so u have to buy cans
also selling cans for 100 bucks each

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Not missed a milestone yet just basic grinding on level ups and farming SR free fuel now I do have stash of raid cans for like next 400 raid event due to playing for last few a years

So can understand frustration if you can’t get milestones but let’s face it are the toons even that good basically whale food I’m only doing it for the tokens

You know olde $copley… not happy with bilking whales for thousands, gotta’ be sure to snatch the pennies from the poor as well… tis the season, to be (even more than usual) greedy greasy bastards



Im going for Maggie because I like the artwork, and need a decent healer for my ranged team. They don’t suck if you don’t have op premier toons on your team. Basically the players with the most premier toons on their team says a toon sucks bc they don’t need them because of the op toons on their teams. Lol

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