Please consider changing the solo level up next week for a faction raid or solo with milestones

@kalishane any chance that you can work some magic and produce a raid or faction raid tournament for next week? This is a lost activity.

I’ve also noticed that the structure for prizes as well for raid are always underwhelming with rare/elite gear instead of gear that can actually help people level their toons. I don’t even mind a bigger milestone in raid tournaments if it meant 6* gear.

Level up is exhausting. You’re literally shoving it down our throats and it’s unappealing now to the player base.

The community shouts: " give us more fraction tourneys, better milestones and prices" - but we still get so much more solo tourneys and especially the fraction prices suck.

They don’t plan for few weeks so they ignore us like every week again. I guess they make more profit with solo tourneys and need less time to prepare it. I don’t expect a change that fast…